agricultural issue

agricultural issue
Define the issue – What is the problem? Why is it a problem? Why is it important?
Body of Paper –
Background (800 -1,000 words – 20%)
What are the events leading up to the problem? What was the triggering event?
Identify the participants and explain their positions. (1,000-1,200 words – 20%)
Who are involved? Why are they involved? What do they want?
Identify the laws, regulations and/or programs in effect. (1,200-1,500 words – 25%)
What law or regulation or program is in play? What does the law or program say about this matter? In what ways would the law or program change?
Describe the policy process for resolving the issue. (1,000-1,200 words – 20%)
What actions were taken by participants? What were the results of these actions?
How effective/efficient/equitable was the policy process?
Summary & Conclusion – (500-700 words – 10%)
What is the current status and outlook of the issue? What is your position on the issues?

Remember this paper is about people and how they go about changing the rules. It is not so much about the details of the technical changes as it is about peoples’ perspectives and their actions, the laws and the processes by which people are interacting to bring about changes in laws, policies, and/or regulations.

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