Air Force Application

Topic: Air Force Application
Each questionnaire must be written in the below format, be typed on plain bond paper, and be no longer than two typewritten double spaced pages. (Size 12-Times New Roman font) Please keep in mind that the questions should be included as a “header”, and the question answered just beneath the question itself. Applicants should pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation as board members thoroughly review the questionnaire
1. Why did you choose this specialty/profession?

2. What do you believe are your most significant accomplishments?
3. Identify any significant awards, scholarships or other recognition’s you have received.
4. Describe any community service activities, including positions held and responsibilities.
5. List any research, publications or teaching experiences you have accomplished.
6. Would you like to provide the selection board with any further information on specific aspects of your academic record or application file?
7. What are your long term goals?
8. What do you find appealing about Air Force Health Professions?
9.Why should you be selected? What do you have to offer the Air Force?
(2 part question)

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