Analysing a situation in the workplace

Analysing a situation in the workplace
Analysing a situation in the workplace (in an inter-professional team) where there might be conflict of ethical and/or legal perspectives. What ways of addressing the conflict might be appropriate and why?

Project description
1) critically consider the feasibility of a common framework of values for professions working inter-professionally with birth to 19 year olds
2) appraise different concepts of rights, blame and moral responsibility and their role in decision-making
3) examine anti-discrimination policies and practices in order to make decisions in the light of the law, ethical frameworks and codes of practice, across different agencies
4) identify knowledge and understanding of legal and ethical frameworks currently in place, that impact on interprofessional practices across the childrens workforce to facilitate optimal outcomes for children and young people

Rowson, R (2006). Working Ethics how to be fair in a culturally complex world. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishing.

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Work, Employment and Society
this essay is based on law and ethics and safeguarding children in a private nursery. based on your experience about safeguarding which has to do with a safeguarding issue for parents and their child. give full details with critical analysed the situation or conflicts that might arise. for example, a child was coming in the nursery with bruise on his legs, arms and body more than once for 4 months. the teacher had talked about her concerns to the parents and the mother said her son is running all the time and have accidents at home. the teacher spoke with the manager about the issue and about safeguarding and they had diseased to arrange an meeting with the parents in order to have a better understanding. please critical review and analyze the safeguarding issue and give full details. write about children’s rights -which it’s very important- relate the safeguarding issue to children’s rights, write about social workers and the teacher’s thinking after the meeting to refer the parents to children’s social services. write about ofsted and what are the suggestions about this issue. you can write in first and third person also. first person is also required because you will analyse a safeguarding issue from your experience by using the details that i gave you above. also i will upload 4 files for you to read them in order to understand exactly what you have to do on this essay. only Harvard reference method, ONLY UK references about safeguarding, law and ethics, please use the references that i gave you as recommended from the lecturer. please use your own words as this essay will submit it through TURNITIN. do not forget to put the references on each paragraph and page numbers please.

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