Book review of Capital Moves


Please be sure to address the following questions when writing your book review of Capital Moves.
What were the reasons that RCA moved a significant part of its operations from Camden to Bloomington?
Compare the response and reaction of Camden workers to those at the Bloomington plant. What were the
similarities and differences between workers (ethnic, racial and gender composition) at the Camden Plant and
their counterparts in Bloomington? How did this influence the decisions that were being made by both
corporate leaders and the union?
What does RCA?s process of continuous relocation seem to indicate for the concept and actualization of class
solidarity? If the trade union movement and working class communities had taken a united stance against the
company?s relocation policy could this process have been halted? If so, what needed to be done? If not, why?
And even if workers didn?t try to unionize might RCA have moved anyway?
Essential aspects of how capital has prevailed in American life can be seen in the expanding hours of work,
the attack on overtime pay, the constant threat of plant closures and increasingly longer periods of high
unemployment rates. Many workers hold two and three low-wage positions just to make ends meet. This process
has been accompanied by the steady decline in union membership and a systematic war against unions. Besides  the issues of globalization, what structural feature of unions does Capital Moves offer to explain the  inability of unions to pursue collective goals? How important is/are the problem? How might the structure of  government in the US compound the situation?


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