brainstorming and freewriting for five- to ten-minutes

brainstorming and freewriting for five- to ten-minutes

Paper instructions:
The ideas you develop in this prewriting exercise can serve as the basis of your rough draft. It also serves as an opportunity to come to some conclusions on your

own before you begin the process of researching your topic.

Start by brainstorming and freewriting for five- to ten-minutes with each question. The goal here is discovery.

Please make the topic easy to relate!

1). What drew me to this topic? What do I already know about this topic? What ideas do I already have for addressing this issue? What experiences do I have

with this issue or topic? How does it connect with my own thinking?

2). What questions does this topic raise? What questions would I like to find the answers to?

3). How might this topic challenge my thinking? What assumptions do I have about this topic that I may need to evaluate more closely?  When it comes to this

topic, what do people usually think?  What don’t they think about?  What can you offer that might be different? (perhaps something more insightful)?

4). What will I need to do to research this topic? Are there resources I already know of that might be helpful in addressing my questions? Where have I seen or

read or heard anything about this issue before?  Where could I start looking on the Internet for ideas?

If you run out of ideas to write about, keep writing: you may be surprised by what comes up in your writing. (What stories do you know about your topic? What have

you experienced first hand? When does this topic or issue usually come up? What have you read about your topic? What don’t you know about your topic? Etc.)

When you’ve finished your freewriting and brainstorming work, organize your ideas within four paragraphs addressing the focusing questions; then structure a

polished and proofread response of two-pages (typed, double-spaced, and MLA formatted).


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