Please answer EACH question in a half page:

1. How is Buddhism a ‘reformation’ of Hinduism? What social changes did it bring out?
2.Every Chinese wears a Confucian hat, a Toaist robe and Buddhist sandals. Explain!
3. How is the Tao like water? Explain!
4. Describe Mysticism in Hinduism, Buddhism and Taosim.
5. What is the Hindu concept of ‘self’? What is the Confucian concept os ‘SELF’?


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Center justification
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Bottom margin: 2.5cm
Use design elements: (bold, italic, underline)sparingly
Footnotes: 10pt, single spaced, center justification. Annotations (full sentences) and reference end with a full stop.
Bibliography: alphabetic order, single spaced, blank line between entries, end with a full stop



This assignment will be checked using anti-plagiarism software and returned to your instructor with an originality report.

Over the course, we’ve encountered many different interpretations of the Buddha’s teachings, many different ways Buddhists practice, and many different definitions of

Buddhism. Out of our course readings – any except Lopez’ The Story of Buddhism – pick two chapters that contain practices or teachings that seem radically different,

or even opposed. For instance, you could contrast the practices of Thai forest monks with those of the members of Burmese secret societies. Or, you could contrast the

view of enlightenment found in Nichiren Buddhism with what we’ve learned about the Bodhisattva Path from a different source. Your comparison should be based on sound

textual evidence, with appropriate citations that direct me to the exact page or pages on which you found each practice or teaching.

Pick one definition of Buddhism from our readings, and answer the following questions. Are both of these teachings or practices Buddhist? Are neither of them Buddhist,

at all? Why, or why not? Cite your definition of Buddhism – where, in our readings, are you getting it from? Why are you using it, rather than another definitition?

This is the only time you’re allowed to use Lopez’ The Story of Buddhism.

Note that you are only allowed to use course readings for this assignment.

Your final essay will be 2,000 words or more. Include a word count at the end. Essays must be submitted through link provided in each unit by midnight of the due date.

Late papers will not receive credit. You can post your paper ahead of time, if you have time conflicts.

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Content of Essays:

Use the essays to show me that you’ve done the readings and understood the assignment. Construct your essays around the theme or focus provided for each one. While it

won’t be possible to merely summarize, your discussion will have to be thematically structured. That means you will have to leave out things that are not immediately

relevant to the topic, but provide enough detail to show you have mastered the material.  Try to demonstrate your understanding by asking questions of your readings,

providing details, talking about variations, comparing within the Buddhist traditions, etc. Engage the material in a way that makes sense to you and imagine that you

are speaking to an intelligent and generally educated audience.

DO NOT BLOCK QUOTE AND MOVE ANYTHING FROM ANYWHERE TO INTEGRATE INTO YOUR PAPERS! You may quote the texts we use, but keep your quotes to less than 10% of your papers.

I recommend reading through ASU’s Academic Integrity Policy, which I have linked to below.

I suggest you go about this in the following stages:

a. read and take notes; digest the material;

b. draft and write the paper; let it sit for a day;

c. edit it, finalize it, and post to SafeAssign. Be sure to check the instructions for this carefully so it really does post).

d. print out your receipt in case there is a problem. Save your electronic copy.

Editing and Format:

This course also covers the L requirement. Hence, editing and content will be part of your evaluation. After writing your paper, read it for content, flow, and

coherence. Use your spell checking function liberally! I will take points off for misspellings that my spell checking function catches. Use paragraphs. Write your

conclusion, then write your introduction. Then give your paper an original title that prepares the reader for what’s to come. Add your name and student number on top.

Use the Chicago Manual of Style. Be consistent. Keep your font size to 12. Use Microsoft Word. Post your paper through the link provided to have it automatically

checked for plagiarism.

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Topic: Buddhism
• You are to do one of these three (3) things on Buddhism :
o Attend a religious service, or
o Visit a religious education center and interview a member of that faith, or
o Attend a “virtual religious service” and complete additional research as listed:
• ??Buddhist: Boundless Light Sangha (live meditation and Dharma message service) — http://www.ustream.tv/channel/boundless-light-sangha; scroll down to bottom of page to see time and date for the next broadcasts, which are usually from 7:00-7:30 a.m. EST; you MUST go to the Website and click the RSVP button a few days prior to the service to let them know that you will be attending).
• • Buddhist: Dharma Teaching Service (live with English translator) — http://www.ustream.tv/channel/buddhist-dgarma-teachings; the Website does not yet state specific times and dates, but it seems to be live online fairly regularly.
The paper will address the following points:
o Discuss any misconceptions you had about the religion you researched.
o Analyze how your prior understanding about this religion was altered (if at all) through your encounter.
o Discuss whether you believe misconceptions about other people’s religion are common and explain why or why not.
o Recommend at least one (1) step that could be taken to minimize misconceptions people have about religions not their own.
Keep the points to be covered in your paper in mind during your religious field research to help guide your encounter. The purpose of your field research (whether actual or virtual) is to test your own assumptions about this religion.

Pay attention to what is important to people inside the religion, what they do, what they profess, how they act, what they value, what they talk about, and what they tell you about their religion. The easiest way to understand what is important to someone else is let them tell you about their faith, their traditions, and their religious practices. The most important thing to do is to keep an open mind and listen. No matter which of the three routes you take for your field research, you will be looking for the same information.

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