Business process model

Business process model
This app is a mashup of several existing apps. They form together a nifty little application that makes festivals, concerts, cinemas all the more enjoyable by combining GPS technology, currency conversion, event planning and social networking. The very first thing you’ll notice is a prompt to log into Facebook.

But the main existence for this app is the ability to buy tickets, of course. Through shops like Ticketek and Ticketmaster this is possible. You can just use your credit/debit card details or use a proxy like PayPal, which I assume will be the more popular option.

If you so happen to be in a foreign country that uses a different type of currency, we have implemented XE converter to help, with budgeting and what not. It’s one less thing to worry about, so you don’t need to stress about how many pesos or yen are in a Aussie dollar.

Users plan how everything is going to fall into place using Google Maps and social media sharing. Using Googles maps you can easily know how to get to the venue which is a given but this take it’s a step farther, automatically showing where the nearest, pub, parking lot, café, etc are located. It just pops down a pin like you expect Google maps to do, just press the pin and it will pull up information about the pub, café, whatever. Handy information like entrance fees, opening times, you know that sort of stuff.

Upon buying a ticket, all the relevant information is automatically updated into the iPhone’s calendar, so this covers, time, location and what the event actually is. If you really want to or need it, you can set a reminder, so an hour before, a day before or a week before you will receive a notification; a reminder of the event.

Through the combination of all these individual applications, we bring you an entirely new app made out of existing technology. Everything is de

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