Calculate the difference in salary over working years.

Calculate the difference in salary over working years.

(Degreed annual salary) (Working years) = __________________
Minus (Non-degreed annual salary) (Working years) = ___________________

[Find annual salary by multiplying hourly wage times 2000 hours per year]

Difference = ___________________



B. Cost: Calculate the total cost of your education:

Tuition __________________

Books __________________

Supplies __________________

Transportation ___________________
Child care ___________________

Forfeited pay ___________________

Total ____________________
One resource for costs at GPTC is to go the GPTC website, then Programs of Study, then Curriculum Sheets. The last pages of the curriculum sheets estimate the costs of the programs, including tuition, fees, books, and supplies.
C. Subtract the Cost (B Total) from the Benefit (A Difference). The answer is your
ROI Return on Investment


D. Advanced technique. What month, year will you realize a return on investment?
What date will you achieve the pay-off and be ahead from then on?

Your introductory paragraph ends with the thesis and essay map. Your first body paragraph is about the financial benefits of your education in lifetime earnings. The second body paragraph is about the costs of your education. The conclusion is the result of the subtraction problem and the ripple effects of that financial difference as well as the non-financial benefits.

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