Castle Bingo is the main trading arm for Castle Leisure. Last year they celebrated its Centenary year, having been incorporated in 1911, although it has been trading as a Company since 1856,

making it one of the oldest private companies in South Wales.
Castle Bingo has eight, modern bingo clubs situated in the main population centres in South Wales namely Bridgend; Merthyr Tydfil; Nantgarw; Neath; Morriston, Swansea; Uskway, Newport;

also Canton and Newport Road in Cardiff; this has made it the market leader in the Welsh bingo market. A further three units are in England at Barnes Hill in Birmingham, Bootle in Liverpool and

Corby in Northamptonshire.
Their initial success has come from their membership drives for the purpose built clubs which offer the modern bingo player comfortable seating, the very latest in bingo technology and value

for money catering and bar offerings in stylish surroundings. Also, the prize funds available are substantial through a selection of jackpots and progressive jackpots ensuring that the majority of

games have the potential of making a significant difference to a player’s life. One of the bigger pots on offer is the ‘Giant Jackpot’ which is a minimum of £40,000 and is played on various games

throughout the day.  It has also responded to the opportunities afforded the gambling market through online gaming and it offers a number of unique promotions and giveaways for online

customers, players will find that the ethos has been transferred from their offline business to the online offerings.
Your Role
For the purposes of this assignment you are still the Marketing Assistant in the Cardiff HQ of Castle Leisure. After the sterling work that you have done on their data management system they

are now interested in undertaking their own Marketing Research. They are especially concerned about the two types of customer they now have namely the off-line (attend the clubs)  and the

on-line gamers (use the internet and their website) and if there are any differences in the players; are they just the same people only they are playing in both formats? or are they different

customers with different requirements and expectations.

The tasks (These are the questions)
You are required to write a report for the organisation that;

Includes an introduction covering a definition and brief discussion on marketing research.

Provides a research proposal for Castle Leisure to direct their Marketing Research agency to investigate differences in customer requirements between off-line and on-line bingo games. (task2

for the main body)

Assessment Criteria:

Learning Outcomes tested
(from module syllabus)    Assessment Criteria To achieve each outcome a student must demonstrate the ability to:
Design an effective marketing research programme.    Work as an individual to research, write and structure a report that documents the design and undertaking of an effective marketing

research programme and reports on the findings.
Incorporate into the report individual elements of the proposal (such as producing detailed objectives) in response to a research brief.
Demonstrate knowledge of the sampling process and the differences between probability and non-probability samples.
Design a technique for collecting quantitative or qualitative data, undertake the research and analyse the data.

The structure:

Report structure: Automatic table of contents, Executive summary, Introduction, Main body, Conclusion, Recommendations.
References:  Harvard style: 15 References: 11 academic text book, 2 journal and 2 websites (Use the organisation website).
Essential books:
(2014) Principles of Marketing, by Kotler, P. and Armstrong.
Wright, L.T. and Crimp, M. (2000) The Marketing Research Process.
Malhotra, N.K. and Birks, D.F. (2007) Marketing Research: An Applied Approach.
Include the edition of the  in the reference.
Source in every  paragraph.
Important notes:
In the introduction  good definition and brief discussion on marketing research.


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