CHE 676 Polymer

CHE 676 Polymer Chemistry

HOMEWORK #1 (50 pts)
Name________________________________________________________ DUE DATE 9/10/2012
1. Using whatever resource you can find, provide a structure for the following polymers based upon their common names. Then,
provide an IUPAC name using the class notes and textbook as a guide.
a) poly(vinyl fluoride) d) poly(1-pentene)
b) PET e) poly(8-octanoate)
c) PTFE f) nylon 8

2. The Polymer Handbook is a useful guide for finding general information on monomers, polymers and copolymers. A copy can
be found in the library. Using this reference, provide the following data:
a) What is the boiling point and refractive index for butyl methacrylate?
b) What is the structure and boiling point for isopherone diisocyanate?
c) What is the lap shear strength (in MPa) of poly(vinyl acetate) on aluminum?
d) What is the typical polydispersity (Mw/Mn) range for commercial grade poly(propylene) used in films?
3. Shown below is one head-to-tail representation for a polymer. Write out the other five possible orientations, determine
which one is IUPAC preferred and provide an IUPAC name.
4. Given 100 monomeric units of an A-B monomer that undergoes step-growth polymerization, determine the molecular weight of
the polymer when 60% of the monomers have reacted. The molecular weight of your repeating unit is 250 g/mol. Then calculate
the same molecular weight assuming an A=A monomer that undergoes chain-growth polymerization.
5. A sample of polystyrene is found to have a number-average molecular weight of 89,440 g/mol.
a.) Neglecting contributions from end groups, calculate the number-average degree of polymerization of this sample.
b.) Assuming that the sample has a polydispersity of 1.5, calculate its weight-average molecular weight.
6. Calculate the number-average, weight-average molecular weight, and the polydispersity (PD) of this polymer sample.
7. A 0.50 gram sample of an hydroxy-terminated polyester resin was reacted with excess acetic anhydride. Titration of the
reaction mixture with 0.0102 M KOH required 8.17 mL to reach the endpoint. What is the number average molecular weight of
the polyester? What would the hydroxyl value be?

8. What is the degree of polymerization of a 1.00 gram sample of polyester prepared from 4-hydroxybenzoic acid if the acid
number, determined with standard KOH solution, is 11.2?

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