chemistry lab safety rules

chemistry lab safety rules

Safety Rules and Laboratory Procedures

For many of the investigations you will complete in this lab class. your “Elma” Win fem”

Wfic safety information regarding the chemicals or procedures yon Will use- Inslw°l°fi W‘” do

their best to provide a safe warking environment for all the students. Howevcf. Yo” have a

reSlJt-lmiibility to everyone in the lab to understand and follow the safety rules listed below. For

CVeI’YOnC’s protection. your instructor will strictly enforce the safety rules. Failure to abide by

them may result in your dismissal from the class.

0 Plan your intestigations in advance. Many lab accidents occur because the experiment is

poorly planned or disorganized. A well-planned experiment not only reduces accidental risk.

but Will also ensure that your data collection will proceed in a smooth manner.

0 Experiments must be approved by your instructor. While we encourage creativity in solving

the problems we pose in this manual. your instructor must approve your experimental designs.

Each investigation requires a formal proposal to your instructor before you can proceed with

your experiments. (Sec page 2 for a discussion of lab proposals.) Your instructor WI“

approve your proposal alter careful consideration and discussion of safety implications. if you

choose to modify a common procedure. your modification must also be approved by your


0 Never work in the laboratory alone or without your instructor present. If an accident occurs

an authority must be present to hasten medical attention. Also. you should always be present

while your experiments are in progress.

o Food and beverages are not allowed in the laboratory. Even if you plan to consume them

outside of lab. you run the risk of chemical contamination. This applies to chewing gum and

chewing tobacco. as well. You should store your personal effects away from your work area.

o Smoking in the laboratory is prohibited. for obvious reasons. Flammable solvents are often

present in the lab and can easily explode or ignite in the presence of a flame. You also run the

risk of chemical contamination of your cigarettes (as if they don‘t already have enough toxic

chemicals in them).

o Immediatelir report all injuries, including minor ones, to your instructor. The presence of

chemicals can complicate even minor cuts.

o Recommendation: Get health insurance. We recommend that anyone ctn’olled in a chemistry

course obtain personal health insurance. Enrollment in comes


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