Company E-Business Management Report – Right move

Company E-Business Management Report – Right move
Assignment Task

The assignment is in number of parts.

Part 1A ? the identification of an organisation and Initial audit document.

1. Select and scope an organisation with an appropriate web presence (it should be trading).

2. Create a document that explains the service you intend to provide to the organisation. This document should indicate the methods you intend to use to audit the organisation.
Part 1B ? The Audit report

3. Create a formal report (5000 words) that should critically investigate the organisations current practises for E-business management.
a. Market Analysis
b. Infrastructure ? including risk management
c. Micro and Macro environment
d. E-Business Strategy
e. Supply chain management
f. E-procurement from all viewpoints
g. Communication mixes
h. Customer relationship management
i. E-business service
j. Usability of web site
4. The report is to make recommendations for changes that the organisation could make to their E-Business Management. The report must explain the purpose and advantage to them of these changes.


Part 1 C ? Final section of the report.

5. You are to monitor the organisation and establish its relevance prior to presenting the report to the company. You are to re-assess the company?s relevance after a suitable period and to critically reflect the influence of your report.

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