Comparison of three forensic science disciplines

Comparison of three forensic science disciplines
Forensic scientists are expected to understand both the scientific and legal value of scientific research. Legal guidelines require that testimony be based on accepted practices in a particular field; however, each field differs in scientific quality. You are required to evaluate the quality of three forensic science disciplines. You then must compare and contrast the quality of these different areas of forensic science. You must find three forensic science disciplines that are presented in court cases found on either the LexisNexis or Westlaw databases; then you must find ten related scientific articles per discipline and evaluate, compare, and contrast the scientific quality of the disciplines. Evaluations of a forensic science discipline must be considered within the norms of the non-forensic science discipline that it originates from. Accordingly, you must also read seven non-forensic science articles related to the disciplines you encounter to gain an appreciation for the quality of the science conducted in the parent discipline.

Format: Minimum of ten pages (not counting references, tables, or figures); maximum of fifteen pages; double spaced; 11 point text; Times New Roman font. Figures and tables must have titles and captions and will not be imbedded in the main text of the paper.

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