contemporary global politics

contemporary global politics

Topic: Drawing on your own analysis of a case study, explain the meaning of security in contemporary global politics.

The aim of this exercise is to encourage you to begin thinking about the theoretical foundations of your research essay and to begin engaging with the academic literature upon which you will draw in the
construction of your core arguments when you write your research essay.

For this assignment, you should research and identify ten academic sources that will inform your arguments in your research essay and create a bibliography of those sources. You should then annotate the bibliography with a few lines about why you have chosen each source, what you hope to draw from it, how it fits with the rest of the literature with which you engage and so on. In discussing each source, you will need to say more than why you chose the source and how you will use it in your research. The sources can relate to theoretical approach you draw upon to demonstrate your understanding of security in contemporary global politics, AS WELL AS THE CASE STUDY YOU CHOOSE TO SUPPORT YOUR CLAIMS IN THIS RESPECT.
Specifically, your annotated bibliography should:
• Provide the full bibliographic citation for each source discussed
• Demonstrate the quality and depth of reading that you have done

And for each text:
• Indicate the content or scope
• Outline the main argument
• Identify any conclusions made by the author/s
• Discuss the relevance or usefulness of the text for your research
• Point out in what way the text relates to themes or concepts in your course
• State the strengths and limitations of the text
• Present your view or reaction to the text

P.S : You can choose any case study that related to security in contemporary global politics. Such as R2P in Iraq, Darfur, or Syria etc.

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