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We are starting to work on our Analysis of a Film paper. We will be going through the writing process for this paper very, very slowly. This week, only an outline (with a thesis statement) is due. Why? I want to know that you understand the paper topic, I want to give you feedback on your working thesis, and I want to see your thought process in the form of prewriting. As you can see, this is an important assignment. Allergic to outlines? Skipping this assignment isn’t a good option – email me instead.

1. Read through the instructions for the Analysis of a Film paper. Choose one essay topic.

2. Create an short outline for the Analysis of a Film paper.

The outline must contain the following:

  • a full working thesis statement for your paper located in the introduction (1-3 sentences) — or, where the introduction will be. (I do not expect the introduction or any other paragraph to be fully written. )
  • one sentence for each body paragraph or main point you plan on including (shoot for 2 – 4 points). This will help me understand your argument.
  • a bibliographic citation for each of your sources. Please follow either MLA or APA format. Essentially, this is a practice run for your Works Cited or Reference page. These three citations can be included at the end of your outline on the same page. You should have two movie citations and one citation for an article I provided (authored by Postrel or Denby).
  • Length: At least two pages in length, NOT counting the Works Cited/References page. No cover page is required.

    Readings: Prior to writing this essay, you need to have read the following articles:
    Virginia Postrel’s “Superhero Worship Actions” link below
    David Denby’s “High-School Confidential: Notes on Teen Movies” Actions link below

  • How to use ICE to create in-text citations (PPT) – below link
    How to cite a movie – below pdf
    How to cite the articles by Denby and Postrel – below link
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