Criminal Analysis

Criminal Analysis

There are 5 questions I need answered in essay form. After every question I need it’s Sources in APA 6th Ed. At least 250 words per question. After each question i need the source or references under each question. you will not be allowed to use web pages or web groups such as Wikipedia found at and, as the information contained in these web pages are academically questionable. Furthermore, you will not be permitted to cite encyclopedias, dictionaries, web pages or questionable origin, newspapers (unless permitted) and popular magazines. It is important to remember that this is a college level class and you are required to submit college level work which is backed up with academically credible material.
1. What is the difference between a crime against a person and a crime against property? Give an example of each and tell where each would be placed in the Uniform Crime Reports.

2. Explain "Mean" and "Standard Deviation" and how they apply to analyzing criminal activity.

3. Discuss why are the characteristics of victims so important to crime analysis?

4. What are the different types of "mapping" criminal activity and how does this process aid in analyzing crime?

5. Name, explain, and give an example of each type of product that is the result of strategic crime analysis. In your opinion which is least important and why?

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