critical thinking

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Formative Assessment Blog to help you prepare for writing the critical thinking paper

Formative Assessment Blog to help you prepare for writing the critical thinking paper

Based on the 2 mn video  “U.S. General Wesley Clark: U.S. Military Plan To Overthrow 7 Countries In 5 Years” (slide 79 of Topic 5), on “PowerPoint slides 1-30, 78-96, 176-185, and 226-238”, and in light of the above guidelines for the critical thinking paper, post a CONCISE blog post (100-150 words) in which (1) you identiy what common goals motivated the United States to support the Muslim ‘jihad’ in Afghanistan in the 1980s, to invade Iraq and overthrow the Iraqi government in 2003, to lead a NATO war to overthrow the Libyan government in 2011, to support Syrian rebels since 2011 to overthrow of the Syrian government, to support the Saudi-led coaltion since 2015 against the Ansarullah-led government in Yemen, and to maintain crippling sanctions against Iran since 1979; and (2) you identify what common goals unite Russia, China, Iran, and Syria in the current war in Syria. You should also make at least ONE comment on at least ONE class member’s blog post. Obviously you are encouraged to read as many blog posts as you can and make as many comments as you like. When posting comments, please be courteous, engage the content, keep a positive tone, and be brief. 

Critical thinking

The critical thinking assignment for this module utilizes a Learning Quest.  You will participate as explorer on a quest to learn about NEO and On-boarding.  As an explorer, you will search for information about the practices utilized for NEO and On-boarding programs.  You will discover the ways these programs can be developed, the barriers involved with effective design and successful implementation, and how to overcome these barriers.

The culmination of your Learning Quest will be an 8-10 page APA formatted paper (including the cover page, table of contents, and reference page).  The assigned readings for this module consist of websites that will inform your understanding of the topic NEO and On-boarding programs.  You will supplement these readings by utilizing databases and search engines in the CSU-Global Campus On-line Library in order to explore specific research questions.  Be sure to search for and utilize a minimum of four journal articles, which present research findings that inform the questions you are exploring.

Students will explore the following questions regarding new hire orientation and on-boarding programs:

  • How are New Employee Orientation (NEO) and On-boarding defined?
  • Why should organizations utilize these programs?
  • What are effective, and ineffective, practices for orienting and socializing new employees?  What are the intended outcomes of NEO and On-boarding programs?
  • What approaches can be used to develop and implement NEO and On-boarding programs?
  • What are potential barriers to effective design and successful implementation; and how can the barriers be overcome?

The outcome of this assignment will be a paper with four sections:

  • Introduction
  • Exploration Questions
  • Journal Article Review
  • Conclusions (including your own reflective comments on the topic)

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Identify all the categorical propositions in the passage below, and write them in standard categorical form. In each proposition, highlight or circle the subject, and underline the predicate.
“Logic is intended to give the human being a canonical tool which, if used correctly, protects him from error in inferential thinking.
Inferential thinking is that which a human being does when he or she moves from things (ideas or propositions) present in the mind, to new things that are not yet present in the mind.
This movement always has a form. The form may be valid or invalid. Often, an invalid form resembles a valid one, or appears to resemble it. This can cause errors in thought.
Thus, logic is a science by means of which one learns the forms of movement from ideas or propositions present in the mind to new things.”

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