Decision analysis


A final decision analysis project/assignment is required for the course using the material presented in
class, supplemented by course lectures, in-class discussions, and your professional experience. The paper
must reflect your analysis of the chosen business issue. You must provide a convincing argument for your
choice of the decision approach, alternatives, and solution. The paper and presentation must identify the
business issue, analyze the issues in the context of the course materials, and propose an appropriate
intervention to address it.
The paper should be of three pages (five pages maximum) of text. Supporting documentation, such as decision
tree, graphics, and spreadsheets must be presented

The following outline is suggested for the final paper and/or presentation:
? Problem Statement: Define the decision problem and analysis approach.
? Decision-making model: Describe the process and elements used to analysis the problem.
? Decision Alternatives: Identify possible alternative solutions to the problem and the possible outcomes
that might result to each alternative.
? Values Analysis: Describe the (decision makers) preferred alternatives (top three) to the problem.
? Data Collection and Evaluation Process: Discuss how the data are collected, and the alternatives evaluated
and compared.
? Conclusion: Summarize how you reduced complex alternatives with multiple consequences to your preferred
? Attachments: Analysis Calculation, Sensitivity Analysis, decision tree diagrams, spreadsheets, etc.



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