Decision Making

The writer needs to write about any important decision making. Discuss it critically with reference to three topics to be chosen from the file: ‘List_of_topics_choose_3_out_of_6″Topics to be chosen 3 out of 6′

decision making

decision making

The question
In the section where you have discussed the scenario related to the casual workers, you have mentioned that due to time constraints the first solution was chosen. You have stated that: “Simon believes that this type of decision making could achieve some satisfactory, however it could still cause failure in the long run.”
It would be good to explain further why, according to the authors, this could be beneficial. Also, how would you relate the problems you have explained in your example to the concept of bounded rationality as introduced by Simon (1960) cited in Brooks (2009: 62)?

Please avoid just adding a citation without discussing the literature. It is important that you start the process of evaluating the literature critically before you relate it to your examples.

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