Detailed Worldview

Detailed Worldview

A worldview is a complete outlook of the universe coming from a biblical viewpoint. Consequently, a Christian’s worldview should be a whole incorporation inclusive of a quantity of different, biblical elements. The worldwide totals the fundamental conclusions concerning life and significance, which a person identifies and survives by not only conscious but also unconsciously.

I) Who is God and what are His characteristics?
a) God is Trinity, God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit and the three are discernible persons in the Trinity with distinct tasks, and they have complete integration in God’s being.
b) God is sovereign- he is the ruler, holy- he is pure, and according to John 4:24, God is a spirit and people can only know Him spiritually (Pink, 2012).
II) What is a human being and what happens when you die?
a) Man has a spiritual feature of his character implying that God created him under His image however, although human has a physical body, they possess a spiritual ability to a restricted extent.
b) Death refers to the final separation and in reference to Psalms 146:4 states that when one dies, one perishes because no one thinks when dead because he or she is unconscious (Denee, 2011).
III) What is the nature of the universe?
a) The nature exists- in existence; there is beginning and the end and creation is a component of existence.
b) Whatever exists does not in whatever form or shape require to give reasons for its existence by questioning the reasons behind its existence.
IV) How do you know what you know? How do you know what is true?
a) One’s worldview comprises of the essential belief system, ideas or values, which determines his beliefs, attitudes and actions, normally this comprises one’s view of issues for instance the character of man, God, the meaning of death, life, wrong or right and nature.
b) A worldview shapes one’s thoughts and as a Christian, one’s worldview should be biblical and this would help one differentiate what is true from what is false.
V) What is right and wrong or how can we know there is a right and wrong?
a) According to the Christian worldview, all rights, standards and values are justifiable this implies that since God created humans in His own image, they have a value and He has exposed His unconditional standards for not only social but also personal ethics.
b) Humans can identify a wrong if it is unjustifiable and is arbitrary- in case people and the world itself are yields of impersonal forces, there lacks rights or values for anything.
VI) Is life pointless or is there purpose?
a) Life is not pointless that is why God gives life and takes it when time comes- if life was pointless, then God would not have created anything because in all His creation, there is life, and life is God’s gift.
b) God gave life so that humans could take care of His creation. Life is valuable and precious because it is the hard work of God.
VII) What core commitments are consistent with my worldview and how do they impact my life?
a) The Christian worldview teaches Christians beliefs, which creates the fundamentals of their worldwide such as God’s existence, God’s creation among others.
b) One’s worldview creates the foundation of how a person interprets reality- it is a lens in which a person uses to view the world and helps shape one’s moral opinions and in effect, it influences what one believes about social structures, God, environmental concerns among others.

As seen in the paper, a Christian worldview shows a complete perception of the universe from a Christian’s viewpoint. Christian should know that their worldview should influence all parts of their life for instance psychology, philosophy, and sociology among others. According to the scriptures, Christianity is a comprehensive worldview.

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