Doubt A Parable By John Patrick Shanley & Agnes of God A drama by John Pielmeier

Part I:
Doubt: This is a “period” play, taking place in 1964. Why would the playwright choose to set this play in the
Bronx of 1964? Given that the discussion and litigation of abuse committed by Catholic priests is still ongoing,
why not set the play in the Bronx of 2004? Why not Philadelphia or anywhere else? While the play is driven by the
four characters we see on stage, the playwright made these decisions of location and time period for important
reasons. Which scene in the play made the strongest impact on you? Did the scene clarify your viewpoint or create
more doubt? Why?

Part II
Agnes of God: John Pielmeier chose to include only three characters in this play. While these characters are fully
dimensional, why did he choose to only use three characters and what do each of these characters represent? Who do
you think the playwright sympathizes with the most and why? Return to the board and review the postings of your

Part III
Week 5 Compare/Contrast: Describe similarities and differences in these two plays in terms of issues discussed,
use of character, and style. What are the playwright’s agendas? Do they change our view of these issues or do they
reinforce how we feel? Return to the board and review the postings of your classmates.


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