Education, Annotated Bibliography

Education, Annotated Bibliography

Topic: What effects does parental involvement have on low income families? or Does parental involement have an effect on educational achievement?

The assignment must be typed in 12 point font, double-spaced with one-inch margins. A title page should be included with a topic title, your name and institution (University of New Orleans). Although APA style typically includes a running head, that feature is not required for this assignment.
You are required to read and evaluate 10 journal articles.

The paper should be divided into the following sections.

Introduction (20 points)

In this section, describe your research question (topic). Include a justification for investigating this question/problem (in essence, why would you argue that it is an important question to investigate).
Describe the process of searching for the articles. List the databases that you used to search, the descriptors used, and the results (availability) of research in this area. Describe modifications that you made to this process—changes in databases, different descriptor terms used for the search, deciding to either narrow or broaden the search. If you used specific criteria to select your 10 articles, please describe them. For example, some may choose to look only at large scale survey research, others choose articles that focus on qualitative research, others may prefer to examine research of different types to get a broad understanding of the issue, others may focus only on rural schools, others may only find 10 articles that address the issue because they are examining an under-researched question.

Evaluative Annotations (10 journal articles at 5 points each)

Write an evaluative annotation of each of the 10 articles that you selected. The format is to organize then by alphabetically by the first author’s last name (similar to a reference list). List the reference in APA format first followed by the annotation as in the example provided in the previous section. The completed assignment will have ten evaluative annotations listed. Note—it is important to cite the articles using correct APA format. The actual journal articles do NOT need to be submitted.

Summary (20 points)

Write a synthesis of what you have learned about your question from the ten articles that you have annotated. What do you now know about this topic from these articles? What do we need to learn? Is there something from these articles that might shape your professional practice?


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