Education Journals

Education Journals
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Now that you have seen and learned a bit about cochlear implants, reflect on this:
To certain members of the Deaf community, cochlear implants are considered disrespectful and insulting, as they might imply that the medical community views deafness as a condition which must be treated or corrected. Like other illnesses that now have a “cure”, members of the Deaf community feel that those not in the Deaf community want to “rid the world” of the deaf. Others feel that now that Cochlear Implants have been performed for a while now and have a good success rate, it should be standard procedure and should be paid for by insurance.
REsponse(Where do you stand on this issue? If you had a child with a hearing impairment what do you think you might do? What factors might affect your decision? From the point of view of a teacher, do you feel differently? If so, why? ) .)

(Now that you have learned about Deaf culture and the different schools of thought regarding raising and educating a deaf child, what are your personal thoughts? What choices do you think you might make if you had a child with a hearing impairment? What factors would affect your decision? Would family or society’s view impact your choices? Give a thoughtful explanation, refering to the film, Sound and Fury, that you saw and how your reactions may have been the same or different than the people in the film


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