effective public relations practice

effective public relations practice

What does it mean to say that an approach represents effective public relations practice?
In the cases you are asked to review, you have to make a judgment as to whether the PR approach taken represented effective practice.

This is not just a matter of saying, “It worked, therefore it is effective”.
You should
1. Look at the goals and objectives that were set. Were they achieved or exceeded? If so, it is reasonable to assume effectivity.
2. Look at some academic sources to see what academic authors argue represents “best” or effective practice. Can you find an academic source that recommends strategies or tactics such as those used in the case you are reviewing? If so, you can cite their opinions to back up your argument.
3. If you can, also check professional sources such as blogs written by practitioners (use a blog search engine such as icerocket.com). Do they also recommend the strategies and tactics used in the case? If so, you can cite their views in support of your opinion (consult the Harvard style guide to find out how to do this – check the Library site to access it).

How do I use an academic source to back up my analysis?

Don’t just list the sources you have looked at – APPLY them. Here’s a hypothetical example:

In this case, the organisation carefully surveyed audiences to gain a rich picture of their perceptions of the is sue. Only then did strategic planning begin. This is in line with the approach recommended by Forrest, who suggests that audience research is the starting point for all is sue management planning (2009, p. 212).



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