Engineering Management

Engineering Management

Provide a 2-page summary of the “One Minute Manager”. Make sure to list/discuss the significant lessons learned in the book. You need to be able to articulate if you have seen this in action, do you agree with it and how would you use it in your professional life. Also incorporate the following question in your discussions. In the movie office space, do they follow the concepts of the “One Minute Manager”? why or why not?

engineering management

engineering management

Pick a company of your choice

1) Determine: (30%)

· the organization’s current mission, objectives, and strategies (Lect 4) (6 marks)

· management style (e.g. bureaucratic) (Lect 2) (6 marks)

Find out the organizational culture in your chosen company and how it influences the management style.

· competitive advantages (Lect 4) ( 8marks)

· working practices regarding people and projects (Lect 3&5) (10 marks)

Analyse how the company manages the projects and their employees. (give examples)

2) Compare and contrast theory and practice. (30%)

Identify the main theories in relation to:

· structures and types of organisational systems and subsystems (6 marks)

· management styles (6 marks)

· competitive advantages ( e.g. Wal-Mart – always low price) (8 marks)

· managing projects and people (10 marks)

And compare them to the company’s practice.

3) Propose a series of recommendations to correct any areas of concern that you have identified with the company. Justify your suggestions. (30%)

Case-related analysis and recommendations





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