English and Literature

English and Literature
In your anthology Exploring Literature, read Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use.”

Choose one element from this story on which you would like to focus your work. It can be characterization, setting, plot, social context, or any other theme you prefer. The only restriction is that it must yield a specific position for which you can argue.

Brainstorming ideas: The story is told from Mama’s point of view. In what way does that affect how and what you are told? If the story were told from Dee’s point of view, how would it differ? Cite some examples from the text. The setting of “Everyday Use” seems to mean something different to each of the characters. What does it mean to Mama? To Dee? To Maggie? How does Maggie’s character change in the course of the story? What do you think prompts the change? If you were in Dee’s situation, would you have acted differently? Would you have seen the quilt as a valuable artifact or something to be used every day? Explain. Is the title of the story appropriate? How so? How would you define everyday use?

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