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English Research writing

Students are to write a five-seven pages research paper. The essay demonstrates critical thinking skills while demonstrating the students’ ability to pull research from various source(s) and incorporate them into a paper that is uniquely and clearly their own paper. The paper should be free of plagiarismand utilizes proper MLA documentation (including in- text citations and Works Cited page). This is an academic, research paper and demonstrates students’ understanding of English Writing and proper grammar. This paper should be written in third-person point of view in the present or past tense depending on your research. 

Introduction: Start with a hook that leads into your topic and grabs the attention of the reader. Any information in the introduction that is not common knowledge must have a citation. You cannot be an expert about anything in academic writing without proper citation. This paragraph provides an introduction to your topic and carries the thesis statement. Thesis statement is the last sentence before the body of evidence WITH THREE DISTINCT POINTS.

Thesis statement: This is the mission statement of your topic and provides three, distinct points that are worded as an argument to be proven using correct parallel construction. Parallel construction writes the thesis statement in a format that matches in each point. 

Body: The three points of your thesis statement is constructed into topic sentences that head each paragraph of your body. Topic sentences are the FIRST SENTENCE OF EACH BODY PARAGRAPH TAKEN FROM THE THESIS STATEMENT.  These topic sentences are then supported with RESEARCH (Research must be properly insert using MLA in text citation. Please note that direct quotes should be used ONCE OR TWICE. Paraphrase and summaries are to be used to ensure the research is in your writing voice. This is to maintain the same voice/tone throughout the paper. In order to maintain your own style of writing paraphrasing and summarizing is the best approach.

 Conclusion: The conclusion opens with a restatement of your thesis statement. Lastly it provides the reader with your final thoughts. It also forecast what you have learned or your final ideas about the topic at hand. NO NEW INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR TOPIC SHOULD APPEAR IN THIS SECTION. It only concludes the matter at hand.

english writing

english writing
Discuss some of the problems faced by poverty-stricken immigrants jacob riis describes in his essay “the down town alleys”. link riis essay to bernardo vega’s “memories of bernrdo vega”. be sure to use examples from the essay to support your points. there is no personal opinion. v
1.Introduction- The problems of the immigrants, in the Riis story, the problem he said they had to face(should be about 2 sentences)-Poverty, Health conditions, buildings were in bad shape, the country didn’t care, Crime.(First part of the intro should be 2-3 sentences.
• link the 2 stories, find the similarities between the 2 stories. make sure to mention the titles and authors.-
Both stories talk about immigrants, prices, the additiueds from society who didn’t care.
•The whole introduction should be not longer then 5 sentences.
2.Body- Topic sentence-Each problem from the introduction gets a different topic sente’nce.
•Riis talks about the terrible health conditions in the 1800’s.
•Crime- Swamp angels, canraket, volume of crime, go back to the text for each of these crime description.
•Footnote should look like that, (Riis 64). after each sentence.
•The entire problem paragraph should be about 5-8 sentences.
In his story riis talk about terrible health conditions, high mortality rate among kids(, result of lack of medical attention(Riis 298). Riis also talks about the common disease measles, consumption, cholera and tuberculosis(Riis 305).

Riis also talked about the terrible health conditions among immigrants.
•Mortality rate.
•Lack of medical attention.
In The story, Riis mentions the high crime rate among the tenements tenants.
•For the comparison paragraph: Riis story is similar in many ways to vega’s story.
in ths paragraph,
•Both talks about immigrants.
•Riis talks about low prices in nyc back then. (give examples) then we talk about how vega talks about these prices in his story.
Conclusion- Restate the introduction. paraphrasing(putting it in your own words.



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