Enviornmental Science

Enviornmental Science
Assignment is due Thursday, Nov 21, 5 min before class
This assignment will be a summary of concepts covered in the first half of the semester, in 3 parts. Each part should be written in paragraph form, around 1-3 paragraphs in length. The total assignment length should be no more than 2 pages of text (not including figures):

Part 1.
Summarize the history of Earth’s climate. First, provide a brief overview of ancient climate history (including glacial and interglacial periods), then focus specifically on the last 200 years of climate history.

Part 2.
Now discuss the enhanced greenhouse effect and evidence that humans are largely responsible for recent global warming. Which energy sources contribute the most to the enhanced greenhouse effect, and which energy sources are most likely to not contribute to, or even reverse the enhanced greenhouse effect? Also discuss the ecological (both for humans and other organisms), social, and economic consequences of climate change.

Part 3.
Finally, use the information above to come up with a set of specific actions that we can take to mitigate or reverse the trend towards an enhanced greenhouse effect. What obstacles might we face if we take the approach you suggest? How can those obstacles be overcome?
Feel free to include figures and illustrations, as appropriate, to help address these questions and concepts. Be concise, clear, and objective in your language. Your score will depend partly on your ability to effectively communicate your arguments.

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