Erik is a sixth grader with E/BD who is highly aggressive. His teacher, Mr.

Erik is a sixth grader with E/BD who is highly aggressive. His teacher, Mr. Glumbly, should be advised to try all of the following techniques with Erik EXCEPT
A) providing examples of nonaggressive responses in aggression-provoking circumstances.
B) role-playing nonaggressive behavior with him.
C) preventing him from receiving positive consequences for aggression.
D) letting him “act out” his aggression freely.



Which poses the most difficulty for most children with learning disabilities?
A) reading
B) spelling
C) handwriting
D) math



All of the following are environmental accommodations except
A) changing the way that a task is done
B) changing when instruction is delivered
C) changing the way that instruction is delivered
D) providing increased access to a task or activity



Kevin chooses to be evaluated on work samples that he has selected, including classroom assignments, art work, and certificates and awards he has received. This is called
A) portfolio assessment.
B) standardized testing.
C) authentic assessment.


A kindergarten teacher wants to collect data on a new behavior modification program to reduce out-of-seat behavior throughout the school day for three students in her class. Which data collection system would you recommend she use and why?

Ms. Edwards is concerned about the crying and screaming behavior of Merrill, a 10-year-old with ASD in her class. What are the steps she should take to use positive behavior supports to teach him some functionally equivalent behaviors


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