excel graphing and short answers on suns elevation at solar noon

excel graphing and short answers on suns elevation at solar noon

1)The Relationship of the seasons to the sun’s elevation at solar noon
Plotting the sun’s elevation at Solar Noon

You are to plot the sun’s elevation at solar noon and then answer the questions.
Use the data that is provided for your graph. Note: the latitude is rounded to 42 degrees.
Solar noon is approximately 12: 25 pm Eastern Standard Time. It is 1:25 pm Daylight Savings Time.

Month Sun’s Elevation at Solar Noon
9/21 48 degrees
10/21 40 degrees
11/21 30 degrees
12/21 24.5 degrees
1/21 30 degrees
2/21 40 degrees
3/21 48 degrees
4/21 56 degrees
5/21 64 degrees
6/21 71.5 degrees
7/21 68 degrees
8/21 58 degrees

1. Graph the sun’s elevation for one year.
2. Find and mark the following: Vernal Equinox ( first day of spring), Autumnal Equinox(first day of autumn), Summer Solstice( first day of summer), Winter Solstice(first day of winter).
3. When is summer? Fall? Winter? Spring?
4. The highest sun is at __________________degrees and the lowest sun is at
5. The difference between highest sun and lowest sun is _________________: now divide by 2 which equals ___________________
6. The answer is the ______________________. ( Hint: Google the answer to number 5 in degrees)

7. What is the latitude and longitude for Cleveland Ohio?___________________




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