Explicit and Implicit Goals

Explicit and Implicit Goals
Explicit and Implicit Goals

As you learned in the previous module, civil organizations employ a wide range of strategies to influence P–20 education. The danger lies in their use of strategies that are less than transparent to education decision makers. In a time of declining public resources, wealthy foundations represent a great opportunity for education, but they also pose a threat. Their financial and research support is often offered in exchange for expanded influence, and there is little public oversight of their activities. As an education leader, there are questions you need to ask to inform your decisions about accepting support.

To prepare for the Discussion, research foundations and think-tanks that impact the issue you identified in Module 2. Use the Module 4 section of the Data Collection Worksheet to gather and organize your findings. Also, review the Sparks and Saltman articles and the video links in the multimedia resource.

Select one foundation or think tank for in-depth analysis. Using a variety of primary and secondary sources, including so-called "watchdog" websites, collect data on the organization’s explicit and implicit goals, i.e., the goals that it espouses publicly versus its goals in practice.


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