Fairy-Tales: Analysing Cinderella Stories

Fairy-Tales: Analysing Cinderella Stories
This is NOT only a movie review but also an analytical essay:
(please read carefully, follow and include all the instructions in the paper)
1) The movie review is based on Disney’s Cinderella
2) Compare and contrast different versions of the story for example: the movie "Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998)" and other versions will be attached in a document.
3) Debate whether Cinderella is a good role model for young girls. You will debate this issue based on disney’s version.
4) You can refer to any, or all of the stories attached. Make sure to incorporate research, paraphrase, use quotations when you quote directly and cite your sources.
5) Write about how each version is different? The same? What is the significance of these similarities and differences?
6) Write about fairy-tales in general and how that became a genre by itself.
7) Talk about the themes e.g. gender roles and how they changed from the past to the present (Issues, Ideological Conflicts, Lessons Learned)
You will also discuss:
1) Plot (Summarize the plot of the "disney" or "ever after" movie)
2) Setting (Geographical, Historical, Cultural, Time Period)
3) Character (Complexity, Development, Believability)
4) Atmosphere (Mood)
5) Pace (Fast-Paced, Slow-Paced, “Meditative; “Poetic”)
6) Narrative Structure (Straightforward vs. Complex; Flashbacks)
7) Conflict
What story was your favorite?
What is the moral of the story?
What did you learn about the culture in your favorite story was set?
What Message does your favorite story send about how women should act and what they should look like?
What is your least favorite story? Why?
How are all Cinderella stories the same?
Good/bad role model why?



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