Family Theory Analyis Guidelines

Family Theory Analyis Guidelines
Paper instructions:
Theoretical analysis of family policies, practices, and activities: Identify and analyze family policies, practices, and activities that are used in your program(head start, etc). Select and explain a family theory to explain your application.
1. OBJECTIVELY describe the setting you are analyzing.
2. SUBJECTIVELY describe the setting your are analyzing
3. Explain demographics of families in the setting that are pertinent to your analysis.
3b. List five family practices, policies, or activities that you will address in the paper.
4. List the key tenets of the theory/ies you will use to analyze the items you listed above in #3b
5. Critique and analyze the listed items in relation to the tenets of the family theory/ies.
6. Draw conclusions regarding your analysis.
GRADING RUBRIC: Identify and analyze family policies, practices, and activities of your program (head start)using family theory. You may choose to use more than one theory for this analysis.

Description of the program (5 points)
____program description included

Information about families (5 points)
____demographics of families listed

Explanation of the theory (20 points)
____key tenets of the theory explained

Description of family policies, practices, and activities (90 points)
____30 points for policies, practices, and activities listed and described
____60 points for each listed item is analyzed with a theoretical concept(s)


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