Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting
merger and acquisition: a story of success and failure
Project description
Merger and Acquisition: A Story of Success or Failure
Write a brief and clear report that describes a story of success or failure of a merger and acquisition.

You have to identify the accounting methods and standards employed concerning the acquisition and the consolidation of financial statements. You are required also to describe the motivations and reasons for the mergers and acquisitions activities. Also, you need to provide evidence of success or failure of the merger and acquisition.

You can use the media and web resources to obtain additional information. The online library services in Qatar University offers access to a valuable source of information which is LexisNexis. Log on in to my QU and click on the library Tab, go to E-Databases on the left hand panel and select LexisNexis. Once there, enter your company name in the search box and select the type of sources and voila!
A. The submission must done in Blackboard any email submissions will be rejected.
B. You are highly encouraged to discuss your work with your colleagues in the group and your classmates.
C. In submitting your paper you must attach a soft copy of the financial statements, part / full annual report.
D. Write the names of the participating students only. Report any non-participating members.
E. Make only one submission per group.
f- The original report shouldn’t exceed 15 pages (excluding the appendices)



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