Five Related Careers to Human Services



Paper Assignment:
Research 5 careers/job areas in human services. In addition to your text and the following website: (Occupational Outlook Handbook), you should have 1 additional source for each career. This means look up material from other sources for each of the five careers you research. Sources should be credible (not blogs and not Wikipedia.) You may use a personal interview with someone in the field if you have access/time to do so. If you interview someone, paraphrase what they say instead of copying it word-for-word in your paper. I want to see you own actual processing and writing with citations. If you interview someone, be sure to state their job title and other credentials, including contact information in the paper.
After researching 5 careers in human services, answer all of the following questions for each career. Each career should take up about a page of the paper. Be sure to answer each question.
? What are the primary tasks of this career? How are they related to human services (i.e. what makes this a career in human services)?
? How is this career similar or different than things you have learned from this course/text? (Pick a few things that stand out from the course/text. You don’t have to go overboard on this area. The goal is to have you link the careers back to what you’ve learned).
? What are the educational requirements of this career?
? What population does this career work with?
? What is the average salary of this career?
? What are some potential challenges in this career? Potential rewards?
? What is the hiring outlook for this career?
? Could you see yourself going into this career? Why or why not?
? Feel free to add anything else that you think is relevant.


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