Foner, Give Me Liberty

Foner, Give Me Liberty
Paper instructions:
Compose an essay in response to the Prompt.
1. Use at least 12 specific factual examples from Foner, Give Me Liberty! Fourth Brief edition Textbook from chapters 20-27 (with at least one example from each chapter), with page numbers cited.
2. Must have an argument stated in the first page and a conclusion at the end.
3. Must underline your argument.
4. Must carry the argument consistently through the entire essay.
5. Must be well written and based on evidence.
6. Must take a position of either agreeing or disagreeing.
7. Must consider and either refute or accommodate evidence that is contrary to the position you take.

Considering both domestic and foreign policy developments, including social movements, the people of the United States gained the world but lost its soul between the end of the First World War and the end of the 20th century. Agree or disagree with this statement and support your case using at least 12 examples from Foner, chapters 20-27.

In your essay, be sure to consider and either refute or accommodate contrary evidence. So, if you agree, then you need to acknowledge times and places and possibilities. In the end, you need to take a stand and argue, that DESPITE the contrary evidence you found, that your agreement or disagreement is still sound, and why.

Grading criteria:
In addition to the basic minimum requirements listed in points 1-7 above, I will grade by the following criteria:
I will prioritize clarity of argument, strong use of evidence, and strong essay structure.
There is no correct answer to this question. There are many possible answers, which differ not because they are intrinsically correct or incorrect, but because they are more or less persuasive. That is the nature of judgements about the historical past. The quality of your essay depends on the quality of your evidence and argumentation, not on the choice of position, either to agree or disagree.
There are, however, correct and incorrect representation of the facts of the past.
Persuasive interpretation of the past can only be achieved on the basis of accurate representations of evidence, so be careful to portray the facts faithfully to the sources we have read. We will mark down for inaccurate or wrong citation of supposed facts.


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