forensic psychology.

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to critique the research that is available for the field of forensic psychology. Draft a paper by critiquing the attached article and including each of the following: – Summarize the main points of the article. -What do the findings of the research contribute to the understanding of civil or criminal commitment? -Include strengths and limitations of the research presented.

Forensic psychology

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A forensic psychologist is often hired by the defense or the prosecutor to assist with jury selection. Using the library, Internet, or any other available materials, discuss in detail the following:

  • What would this psychologist be looking for during voir dire and in investigations of the jury pool?
  • What, if any, different analysis techniques might a psychologist use when assisting the defense versus assisting the prosecution?
  • Why would the items being investigated be important to the defense or to the prosecution?
  • What specific area of forensics are you interested in, or what type of position are you interested in?

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Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology

Usman Iqbal

Usman is a 32 year old male who is married with two young sons.  He is British by birth but his family are originally from Afghanistan and moved to the UK at the time of the Soviet Occupation in 1979.  He has extended family who fled into Pakistan in 1980 and has visited them in Karachi on several occasions since childhood.  Usman works in a call centre for a large insurance company in Birmingham.  Although he gets on well with his colleagues, he keeps to himself at work and takes little part in the company social life; which seems to consist of his colleagues getting “bladdered” and “laid” on weekends.  Instead he is actively involved in his local community, coaching a youth sports team and regularly acting as a “hospital driver” for older residents.  His wife regularly helps older residents with their shopping and both are regarded as pillars of their local community.
As Usman lives in Birmingham, he is no stranger to racist victimisation or radical/extremist views from within his own community.  Although a devout Muslim himself, he is seen by those around him as having “moderate” opinions.  He actively supports his local mosque’s policy of religious tolerance and has been known to challenge speakers he perceives as being too radical.  For this reason, his family and friends are shocked on 17th April 2013 when he is arrested and detained by police for “offences contrary to the Terrorism Act, 2000”.  He is accused of conspiring to set off an explosive device at the forthcoming “Summer of Shakespeare” festival in nearby Stratford upon Avon.  On searching his home, police find tickets to several of the festival events (which Usman claims were a surprise birthday treat for his wife), evidence of a recent trip to Pakistan as well as items that they describe as “incriminating” but which they will not disclose before questioning.  Usman is taken into custody and is about to be formally interviewed.

If the case came to trial, what might be the psychological features, issues or characteristics faced by the prosecution OR defence barristers in this case?  What issues might the jury focus on?  If you were asked to present a report to the jury, what advice would you give them and why?  Use relevant literature to support your arguments.  As before, this does not just mean disorders but may also include things such as non-verbal communication, understanding of scientific evidence and persuasion.

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