Greek Mythology Ques.


1. What is the purpose of Pericles’ Funeral Oration? Give 2 examples to support your answer.

2. What do your authors consider to be Rome’s greatest achievement?

3. List 3 characteristics which define the Roman ideal. How does Aeneas fit this definition?

4. Who is Sinon? What is his role in the story? Why did the Trojans believe him?

5. Who warned the Trojans to beware of Greeks? What happened to him? How did the Trojans interpret this result?

6. What were the 4 visions Aenas saw? What did they tell him? Why did he have difficulty following their advice?

7. What finally convinced his father to leave Troy?

8. Aeneas tells Dido that if he had a choice, what would he rather do, above all else?

9. Does he love Dido? Support your answer with specific examples from the story.

10. What are two of the central themes in Ovid’s stories? Give examples from your reading.

11. What 2 parallels does his writings have with the Bible?

12. Give 3 examples of art in THE METAMORPHOSES.

13. Why does Pygmalion create a statue? What is the significance of its change?

14. How does Shahrayer’s wife betray him? How does he take his revenge? How does Shadrazad become involved?

15. Shadrazad has two purposes in telling the king her stories. What are her motives? Is she successful in attaining her goals? How do you know?

16. How does she distort time? Why must she do this to be successful?
17.How long had the French been in Spain? What were they attempting to accomplish?

18. Why was Ganelonchoosen to visit the Muslim king? What was his reaction to this choice?

19. What did the author hope to achieve with the writing of THE SONG OF ROLAND? Was he successful? Why or why not?

20. List the three (3) reasons why Roland refused to blow his horn. Were these reasons valid? Why or why not?

21. Before the last battle, Oliver told Roland not to blow his horn. What reasons did he give? Who settled the argument between them?

22. Was Ganelon guilty of treason? Give 2 reasons to support your answer.

23. “Roland is brave and Oliver is wise.” What is the significance of this statement – both in form and in content?

24. What is the significance of the dreams Charlemagne has? Be specific.



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