Health Communication Campaign on Hepatitis B

Health Communication Campaign on Hepatitis B

Paper instructions:
Create a health communication campaign/intervention strategy on Hepatitis B.  This project will require students to think about each step of the program from start to finish (e.g. formative strategy to the evaluation plan).

Introduction – summarize your campaign/intervention, including target audience and health behavior
BEHAVE Framework – use the components of the framework to thoroughly examine what you need to research — you will need to do background research on your issue and target audience to complete this.
Include a Market Research Planning Worksheet.
Develop SMART Objectives for your behavior change objectives
Include a discussion of how your objectives align with theory (include a table to assist your discussion)
Provide a social marketing plan for your campaign and address each of the four P’s.  Be sure to include a discussion of how you will tailor your messages for your population and ensure that your messages are culturally competent.
Describe your multimedia approach (be sure to include social media), how you will generate buzz, and include a “Typical Day” table.
Outline your media testing strategy and your plan for pretesting your materials.
Discuss your implementation plan and include a logic model and your SWOTE analysis.
Provide a sample evaluation plan (include an evaluation plan template) and include what types of research methods you will use to measure your process, outcome, and impact measures.
Your Paper should be organized into six primary (not including introduction and conclusion) sections:

Background and Justification (include BEHAVE Framework and Theoretical Approach here)
Communication Goals and Objectives (include Market Research Planning Worksheet, SMART Objectives, objectives and theory alignment)
Concepts and Messages (include your concepts and messages, how you will tailor your messages and pretest your messages)
Settings and Channels (include your social marketing plan, multimedia approach, and your plan for pretesting your materials)
Activities (include your implementation plan and logic model)
Evaluation Plan
Must have 5 scholarly resources. This project will include a substantial amount of information in only 8-10 pages.  You must be as succinct and concise as possible.


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