How has imperialism given rise to nationalism in the 20th century

How has imperialism given rise to nationalism in the 20th century
Discuss the experiences of at least THREE different countries in your answer.

This is a five-paragraphed paper (introduction, 3 body and conclusion) that requires the writer to research and discuss how imperialism has given rise to nationalism in the 20th century. The first paragraph( introductory paragraph) requires a strong thesis.
In conclusion, need to sum up the main deliberation that offer critique in line with the topic of this assignment. Summarize your key finding that are related to your analysis and clearly state your conclusion.


Because of their long struggle for independent, Vietnam emerged as a very nationalistic and patriotic country. This is shown by their renaming of Saigon after Hochimin, the leader of the resistance against imperialism. Their history of conflict is also in present in their communist ties. China, communist country supported their independence when they were fighting against western imperialism. As a result, Vietnam adopted china’s political system.

Their tactic of non-violence, promoted by Gandhi, is evident in the politics of India from its inception to today. India’s struggle for independence from Britain was extensively used a non-violent protest. When the Muslim league wanted independence for the country of Pakistan, India had no choice but to comply. To do otherwise would have been a hypocritical contradiction of their own nation’s ideology. Similarly, India’s participation in World politic as a leader of non – aligned country were reflex their belief in peaceful protest. In a world where nuclear annihilation was very real, peaceful India had no choice but to protest encourage the countries to not enter the Cold War on the U.S. or USSR’s side.

The Wafd, Egyptian nationalistic party, helped Egypt to gain independence from Britain.
Use Naru – had arab socialism – wafd : middle class fighting for independence – free officer’s movement
NASSER – Brtitain refused to give fund to ; – unique culture
Eventually the monarchy was throne to Nasal how the wafd

In conclusion, China’s support for Vietnam, India’s non- violence and non-aligned attitude, and Egyptian’s Wafd helped each of these countries to gain their independence.


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