International management

Read the assignment carefully even the hints and tips use them as a guide. What the people in the case study suggest as the main problems might not be the main problem. Also justify the reasons for prioritizing things over others in question 1. For question 2 additional research might be required please add the intent citations. For question 3 please find the correct numbers while stating in which page of the case study the numbers were found. When defining in the last question please add the source of the definition.

International Management

The first major step in weighing an international strategic option is the environmental assessment. What are the five major environmental variables that focus on the future interest of the firm

200 words in length using the textbook only, with in-text citation; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations

International Management
Managing Across Borders and Cultures
Text and Cases
Helen Deresky  (2008) 

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