Investment Project

you have $40 dollars and want to invest in penny stocks. Preferably Pharmaceutica companies.

Tell me the returns and risks of this plan. 

I want to know what stocks can I invest in and what is the predicted growth. 

I need charts and evidence to see.

Investment Project


I. Title Page.
II. Table of Contents
III. Table listing stock in each group you chose, stock symbol, purchase price per share, number of shares
purchased, total investment in each stock (minimum $5,000; maximum $50,000).

Group Stock Stock Purchase Price Number of Shares Total Initial
Number Name Symbol per Share Purchased Investment
1 Microsoft MSFT $30.78 1,000 $30,780

IV. Portfolio – Copies of your portfolio for each business day of the month (daily closing prices for each
stock) historical prices>
V. Table showing 52-Week hi/low information (as of the purchase date) for the stocks you chose. Chart-
VI. Table showing Fortune 500 and Global 500 rankings (if applicable) for the stocks you chose.
VII. Press releases and current (no more than 6 months old) news articles about each of your eight companies;
highlight pertinent information.
VIII. In your own words, write an overview of each company you selected. Suggested information to include:
company website address; physical location/address of home office; name of CEO; number of employees;
product(s) company manufactures or services it provides; financial information, such as up-to-date revenue
and expense information and/or earnings estimates; competitors; background / company history; any other
information you find interesting. *Basically, include all of the information about your company that you
learn over the course of the project.
IX. Write a concise, one page yet thorough explanation and analysis for each of the stock purchase choices
you made. Write your evaluations in your own words. Be specific about why you chose each company and cite the
source for the information which you used to support your choices. For instance, is the industry growing, is
the stock about ready to split, is the stock price near its 52-week low, etc… Do not write “I liked the
symbol or the product.” Put some thought into this; if you read that analysts are listing the stock as a
“strong buy,” include that information.
X. Calculate in dollars how much you gained or lost on your portfolio. Explain why your portfolio went up or
down; why do you think it went up or down. In this section, include any additional information you feel is
relevant to the companies you selected. Be sure to include what you learned from this project, and what your  future investment goals may be at this time.



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