Its about rhetoric analysis

Its about rhetoric analysis

Purpose:  Arguments, especially visual arguments, are often convincing but in fact rely on questionable premises or invalid logic.  The Visual Rhetoric Analysis explores how questionable rhetoric can nonetheless appeal to a

specific audience and can be symptomatic of larger social issues.

Prompt:  In a written response, explain how a visual argument appealing to a personality trait, value, or belief associated with Gen Me by Jean M. Twenge’s text is either based on at least one untrue premise or on invalid logic. (

note in this is another separate order that  I am adding in this order and you could add it in my bill please. Its an essay and a speech order ) In a 3-minute oral presentation, explain where your visual argument can be found, why

that argument is a rhetorical fallacy, and how it relates to a larger generational issue.  Your visual argument must be directly related to local campus community.

Process:  Collect copies, photos, or web addresses of visual arguments that inhabit physical or virtual spaces within the FLC community and that may appeal to Gen Me’ers.  Then, outline the argument of each sample with a

syllogism based on that text’s stated and unstated assumptions and conclusion.  Consider how words, images, and design convey a single message as you outline each argument.  The syllogisms you write should address Gen Me

personality traits, values, or beliefs and should also involve at least one questionable premise and/or invalid logic.

While drafting and revising your written response, develop specific textual evidence to support how your visual argument relates to Gen Me and how you’ve determined the premises and conclusion of your syllogism.

You will also need to thoroughly explain the thought processes through which you have tested the logic of your visual text and arrived at your overall critique.  Your overall critique can be presented using either an inductive or a

deductive pattern.

The first draft of your oral presentation should focus primarily on presenting the required information about your visual argument though you may begin considering other elements as well.  After practicing a draft of

your presentation in class, focus on crafting an effective introduction and conclusion, on planning your secondary communication, and on refining your verbal delivery.

Your written response should:
•    Discuss how your primary text appeals a specific Gen Me trait, value, or belief
•    Identify a syllogism that is either stated by or implied in your primary text
•    Present and explain specific evidence on which your syllogism is based
•    Explain how you tested the syllogism for truthfulness and validity
•    Critique the argument’s questionable truthfulness and/or validity

Your oral presentation should:
•    Have a memorable introduction and conclusion
•    Preview your major points
•    Not be read from a script
•    Involve a second medium of communication


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