A city enacts an ordinance which prohibits standing or remaining in a crosswalk for an extended period with a sign. What are three potential constitutional challenges to this ordinance? Can you identify a government interest supporting it?

500 words

Blue book format



Subject: Law



1. Call a state circuit or federal district court. Find out which days trials
(vs. motions) are usually held, and arrange to attend a hearing for at least 2 hours. (Most trials are open to the public; avoid going at lunchtime, however, as courts break for lunch, too).

2. Write (type, please) a 2 page (600 word) summary describing the nature of the court proceeding you observed. Include the following information:

a. name of court
b. date of hearing
c. name of judge
d. name(s) of parties involved
e. nature of proceeding
e.g., criminal manslaughter trial; divorce trial involving custody issue; mail fraud trial involving two bankers and an attorney, etc.
f. Summary of your observations – what went on while you were there? Did the attorney(s) take testimony from witnesses? If so, who were they and what was the nature of their testimony? Did one side object to the other’s questioning of witnesses, and if so, why? As far as you could discern, what were the facts of the case? What was the crux of the dispute?

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