leadership theory

Write a 4 to 6-page paper in APA format summarizing what you have learned from each reading, discussion, assessment, and assignment. Address how you will apply what you have learned personally and professionally. Develop a PowerPoint presentation that outlines the key points of the paper.

50 points for the powerpoint presentation.

100 points for the APA Formatted paper

use this source word doc to write the asssignments and work related experience 7-eleven assisstant manager.write any thing related

leadership theory

leadership theory

1. select an essay topic they are interested in from the following list, or they may explore/develop any topic they are interested in. Students should get approval from the instructor if they choose a topic outside of the list:
1. Agency Theory
2. Comparative Advantage
3. Competitive Structure
4. Exploration vs. Exploitation
5. Game Theory
6. Human Ecology Theory
7. Institutional Theory
8. International Trade Theory
9. Internationalization Theories
10. Foreign Market Entry
11. Leadership Theories
12. Neoinstitutional Theory

13. Organizational Ecology
14. Organizational Learning
15. Portfolio Theory
16. Relational Contracting Theory
17. Resource-Based Theory
18. Signaling Theory
19. Strategic Choice Theory
20. Systems Theory
21. Technological Advantage Theory
22. Technological Innovation Theory
23. Transaction Cost Theory
24. Upper Echelon Theory



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