The Privacy and Security of Occupational Health Records
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A variety of learning activities are designed to support the course objectives. fflcilllale
I L ‘n activities for each unit of
different learning styles, and build a community of earners. earn: g
this course include the following:
1. Reading textbook assignments
2. Reading other articles as assigned
3. Viewing and listening to narrated PowerPoint lectures
4. Participating in discussions by responding to assigned topics/questions and replying to
comments by other students
5. Completing writing assignments by individualized exploration of topics
5. Researching an assigned topic and writing a paper
7. Analyzing case studies
8. Preparing a PowerPoint slideshow on a specific topic
9. Evaluating subject matter comprehension with tests
Reading articles from medical journals, publications, and newspapers helps you stay informed
and aware of legal issues in the medical community as well as those on a national level which
will have an influence in the health information management environment.
However, it is important that you evaluate information from these topics with your critical
standards. An article review helps you to state clearly your standards of evaluation. The
purpose of an article review is to give your opinion or judgment of an article based upon your
selected criteria. Therefore, in addition to a brief summary of the major ideas, the thrust
of your thesis will be the evaluation of the article based upon standards you have selected.
Read the article carefully so that you fully understand it. Jot down major points. Decide your
criteria for judging the article. This evaluation leads to your THESIS. To establish your
criteria, note what you liked best or least about the article. Other points of evaluation and
questions to ask yourself to determine your criteria are the following:
1. Fulfillment of purpose: Has the author done an adequate job fulfilling his/her
stated purpose?

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