Management Report 1 – Environmental Audit

Management Report 1 – Environmental Audit
Course Work Briefing Sustainable Strategy – January 2013
The coursework for this module comprises two individual Management
Reports. You have to select one of the following companies to investigate and analyse for both management reports. Each company has a corporate
website from which you can extract the company’s Annual Report 2011 and Accounts, in addition to other reports (Mintel, Datamonitor etc…). We suggest that this is your starting point.
Choose your company carefully. Your selection could be based upon areas of interest and/or the type of company that you might want to work for in the future. The choice has to be yours and not your tutors.
This information is also in your Module Guide.
The companies are:
Thorntons (Chocolate Company) [I choose this]
L’Oreal (Cosmetics)
Chevron (Petroleum Company)
When you look at the companies makes sure that you are viewing the corporate website. This is where you will find the Annual Reports of the company.
Coursework 1 Assignment:
Management Report 1 – Environmental Audit
For this first assignment you are required to consider both the internal and external environments of your chosen company and how they affect the organisation’s current and future strategy. We want you to have the mindset that you are submitting this Management Report to the Board of Directors for their consideration and understanding.
This assignment requires you to engage with the business models and frameworks typically employed to undertake an environmental audit.
The environmental audit should include:
? An analysis of the organisation’s internal business environment.
? An analysis of the organisation’s external business environment.
? A critical evaluation of the chosen company’s strategic position, based
on an assessment of the organisation’s internal and external business environment, followed by your conclusions.
The analysis should be supported by data gathered from your case study organisation, your independent research and should be presented using a range of theoretical frameworks and methods covered in the module (units 1- 5 only).
Presenting Assignments for Marking
The Management Report must be professionally presented and appropriately referenced. As stated above we want you to develop the mindset that this is for the Board of Directors of your chosen company.




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