Marketing Park Industries


1-Guest Speaker Write-Up is from ” Park Industries; Closing and How closing changes the Relationship”. 1) Guest Speaker Write Up format should include: A) Title Block B) Reviewed Company’s Web Site prior to visit:………..

2-You should Answer these questions from guest speaker speech : i) What were the top five issues presented by the Guest Speaker that interested you? ii) What impressed or supersized you about the discussion or issues in the presentation? iii) What did you learn from the Guest Speaker? E) Document should be typed and in outline format.

3- I have Asked the Guest Speaker a question you should include it in the bottom of the paper and paraphrase the answer and add something if you think it is helpful.
the question was : What is the most important steps that make customer trust you ? and His answer was : The most important thing to get the customer trust is that show interesting in their business and trying to help them to to make their important business decisionS)

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