Marketing Research and Planning Project

Marketing Research and Planning Project

The assignment requires you to carry out a Marketing Research and Planning Project covering a period of twelve months. Assume that you are working as part of a Marketing Study Group within a major company active in the UK market such as (please choose only one from the list below):

• Dyson (Appliances)

• Antler (Luggage)
Working individually, you should present a report, which follows appropriate business and scholarly conventions. Select one of these companies only and base your report around the search for a new product and its introduction.

As a result of the research conducted in the first part of your report (sections 1-4) you should identify product modifications and/or new products, which will generate business growth. The second part (sections 5 onwards) deals with the introduction of the new or modified product into the UK market.
Your Plan should be based on the following framework:

1: Introduction
2: Corporate Objectives
3: Market Overview
4: Marketing Audit: Internal and External (Marketing Mix/SWOT/ PEST/ Porter’s 5 Forces Analyses)
5: Assumptions
6: Marketing Objectives and Strategies for new or modified product
7: Identification of Alternative Plans
8: Promotional Programme
9: Measurement, Review and Control
10: Appendices

The Marketing Research must be based on Secondary Research, but you are free to conduct any Primary Research you feel will bring interesting insights into your plan. Analyse and interpret information researched. You must include in your report an evaluation of what your research indicates are the likely characteristics of a successful new product and the likely customer acceptance of such a product.

Your Promotional Programme should cover a period of twelve months, starting some time before the launch of the new or modified product.


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