May the Force Be With You

May the Force Be With You
May the Force Be With You”
Cindy Fryer, a first-year English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, arrived at work for a faculty meeting. Her principal announced that the previous evening the school board voted to immediately require bilingual instruction for each child who is bilingual. As Cindy looked around the room, she realized that she was one of two ESL teachers and that there are more than 87 bilingual students in the school. How was she going to effectively implement the mandate with so many students? Cindy took her concerns to her principal.

To prepare for the Discussion, read the resources that focus on social and cultural biases in education reform at the community level. Focus on internal and external forces that may hinder policies and change at the micro level.

Consider Cindy Fryer in the scenario above and address the following: What internal and external forces might have supported and/or hindered the school board’s decision to implement the bilingual education mandate?

By Day 7 of Week 7:

Post your response to the following:

As the principal of Cindy Fryer’s school, what would you do to address her concerns? What argument would you present to the school board on her behalf?

Use what you know about internal and external forces as you develop your response to Cindy’s concerns.



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